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“I love that she’s unapologetically badass. There’s no back-story trying to explain something horrible that happened to her that explains who she is. No, that’s just who she is. She just is this person; no explanation needed. Just like men—when a male character comes on screen and is a badass, you just accept it. And I’m hoping that’s what fans do with Rosa. She is who she is and she just doesn’t give a shit.”- Stephanie Beatriz on her character, Rosa Diaz, in Brooklyn Nine-Nine

I love Rosa like I love Air. In that I need air to live and at this point I feel like I need Rosa an her unapologetic approach to life like I need air.

I am so glad that the glimpse at a ‘tragic backstory’ we got was not tragic at all. It was just her being badass and the her we already knew, with a little bit of class.

When does this come back on? I need more Rosa.